About Me

Hi!  My name is Gina Cole and I am the Director of Curriculum and Learning for the Proctor Public Schools.  This is my 11th year in Proctor and 18th year in education.  I have taught kindergarten, 5th and 6th grades along with being an instruction coach and reading specialist for a time.  Each of these roles have helped be grow as a professional and provided me with inspiration for what I do.

My other role is mom.  I have two boys who keep myself and my husband very busy.  Ethan is a sophomore in high school and Dylan is a 7th grader. Both play baseball for the majority of the year, along with bowling, basketball and pick up games in the backyard. If I am not watching them play a sport, then sports always seem to be on the tv in our home.  To keep the family on our toes, we adopted a rambunctious dog named Nori.  Nori is our challenging pooch that we love very much.  I will have many stories to share about her.

To calm my mind and provide me with a creative outlet, I love to sew.  Sewing mittens, repurposing sweaters and creating with fabric is how I usually spend my time in the evening.  Each creation is made in memory of my mom.  All of the fabrics and notions have come from her.  She spent her time inspiring at-risk young mothers to always believe in their future.  I hope to keep her mission to see beauty in everything alive through what I do on a daily basis.

I am excited to share the inspiration I experience on a daily basis through this blog.  I have challenged myself to blog a minimum of 2 times a week.  Enjoy!