New beginnings

This morning, 55 five and six year olds came to school with their families to learn all about school.


Think about that….


These families are beginning on a new journey.  This journey is different for many, but overall the experience is very similar to the first day of school that we have all had. When we really think about school, images pop into our mind.  Rows of desks, teachers up front all ready to share their knowledge and a big A+ posted on the wall.


What is with the big A+?  Why does society place such an emphasis on the grade?  What really does the grade mean?  What is the purpose behind it?

Right now, I believe that we are also on a journey of new beginnings.  The focus of school has shifted to the learning.  What does learning look like? What does it mean to go to school and leave at the end of the year?  What are the essential learnings that each and every child should leave school with when they spread their wings off to new and bigger beginnings?

So I ask you, WHY?  What is the purpose?  Why is it important that we share with our students the essential learning that should happen? Why is it that we have to provide a learning goal to our students?  This short video explains the purpose of why better than I can ever explain it. Watch and reflect on the purpose of why.

After watching this video many, many times, I reflect on the purpose we are giving our students in school. School is not about getting a good grade. School is SO much more. It is about learning. Learning to work hard, learning to get along with others, learning about concepts and skills that we will take with us.  Don’t we want our students to find relevance in what we do?  Let’s give them the why behind school.

The time is now!  Now is our new beginning!

Kindergarteners that start in the fall will graduate in 2031.  These little people know more, expect more and will experience more that we all will.  They deserve more!  Let’s begin this conversation around learning.  I challenge you!  How do you measure success in school?  Is it just a grade, or is it way more?  Let’s teach our students to be curious, perseverant when things get tough, challenge them to learn more and be more.  I know we can all agree that learning is the center of school and life.  What do you believe?



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