In the past couple of weeks, there have been moments of feeling overwhelmed.  Every time I turn the tv on, I am reminded that the world is not as safe that I want it to be or even need it to be for my own children and all children.  How did this happen? Why does this keep happening????

I have spent many hours working with teachers and listening to concerns about their students.  Teachers just have a gift to see and know that something just isn’t right and they will do anything they can to help a student, whether it is with math facts, a snack or even something as powerful as a smile. Teachers care! Teacher love! Teachers worry!  Every single teacher that I know accept and treat all students as they are their own.  So, when I have been asked in the past week why the teachers of these “mentally ill” students didn’t do anything, it creates a volcano inside of me.  I want to scream and tell the world that the teachers did do something. Teachers probably contacted the family, had a heart to heart with the student, asked for help from the counselor, administrator or nurse and laid awake at night worrying.  The teacher used every tool in their toolbox to reach this student and yet, tragedy struck. It is not the teachers fault. It is sad that as teachers, we have to be equipped with skills that are not in the job description.  Teachers hold many roles, and holding a gun is not going to solve the problem that is occurring in schools today.

teacher roles

Let’s be proactive instead of reactive.  Join the #ArmMeWith movement and help change the path!

#ArmMeWith #teacherlife


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