Have you ever had one of those days when you seek inspiration?  Today was one of those days.  I find myself in a role of change.  It is not that I am wanting change, but I realize that my thinking is always being challenged by those around me.


It is times like today that I walk the halls of the school and inspiration seems to find me.

img_8592.jpgI ran into a teacher who shared with me how she had taken her students out to experience the snow and the cold.  She lit up talking about a student that may have found the walk in the woods to be a challenge. This student never complained, always moved forward with a positive attitude and shared the experience with her peers. When asked if she needed to take a break, she said “no.”  The teacher casually asked her if she wanted a piggy-back ride back to the school.  “Yes!” She jumped up and continued to school with her class.  She truly is an inspiration!  Facing life seeing that any challenge is just an experience that makes her stronger.

Inspiration can be found anywhere.  We ask students daily to overcome challenges and it seems natural for them to persevere without complaint.IMG_0807

I was chatting with a student about her reading intervention and she said that she was trying to reach her goal of learning over a 1000 words.  She quickly showed that she had already met one of her smart goals and was excited to work on the next one.  What???  Another goal?? Where do students find the inspiration to always be changing and growing?  Do we challenge ourselves as teachers daily to change and grow?  What are your goals?  If you reach one, do you celebrate?  I hope so. Do you set another one?  This year is making me push myself more and more and set goals that I thought I would never accomplish. With hard work, blood, sweat and tears, I will face each of the challenges with the knowledge that another challenge lies ahead.

Some days, a text from a friend saying “keep paving the way!” is all I need to find the inspiration to keep moving forward.


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